Madness Studies is a new research network for individual scholars and groups who are studying madness and its history. Scholarly perspectives on madness range from the history of psychiatry, clinical psychiatry and psychology to sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literary studies and evolutionary research on human behaviour. Our scope is worldwide, but we are especially focusing on the European and Nordic context. The institutional home of the network is the Department of the History of Science and Ideas at the University of Oulu, Finland.

The main purpose of Madness Studies is to provide a useful platform for communication, cooperation and collaboration across national borders and disciplinary boundaries. At this early stage, the primary goal is to compile data about scholars, doctoral students and research groups involved in research activities, as well as inform about conferences, journals, books and primary sources. Potential future forms of activities include a founding of a society and organization of meetings devoted to the multidisciplinary aspects of madness.

You can join the network here. If you have any questions regarding Madness Studies, please use the contact form.